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Automating input to Jigawatt using Zapier webhooks

It’s pretty easy to automatically pipe data into Jigawatt from a wide range of other applications using Zapier, a highly flexible workflow automation service. Here’s how. For this guide, it’s assumed you’ve used Zapier before to integrate your workflow, and just need to know the credentials and values for inputting to Jigawatt.

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Create a solar quote

In Jigawatt’s infancy, it had one objective: create accurate solar quotes using a centralized catalog. We had been using a┬ádilapidated spreadsheet that was both limited in functionality and difficult to use. It was tough to train our sales reps how to use it properly, and generating quotes was our biggest bottleneck in making sales. When we did get signed contracts, our projects were hemorrhaging money due to our inaccurate quotes from the poorly configured spreadsheet.

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Adding and working leads in Jigawatt

A big reason for a lack of closed sales (in any industry) is inefficient contact management. Setting up the poles, baiting the hooks, and snagging promising leads is enough of a chore. Let Jigawatt’s help you keep track of the fish you have on the line!

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