This is the site for Jigawatt legacy. Check out the new version!

Generate & Manage Leads

  • + Lead generation wizard This fun and friendly tool quickly helps your website visitors decide if solar is right for them.

  • + Automated lead importer Reduce your boring data entry workload, and do it way better at the same time.

Coordinate Sales Efforts

  • + Manage sales organizations Built for teams, Jigawatt lets sales professionals decide how to work–and what to share–with each other.

  • + Solar CRM Manage prospects and organize your sales efforts in one place: the cloud.

Write Quotes, Take-offs, & Contracts

  • + Automatic contracts with digital signatures Cut out the paper, the redundancy, and the error by ratifying your agreements electronically.

  • + Dynamic proposals This digital experience guides interested buyers through an intuitive, interactive proposal to clinch the sale.

  • + Loan and dealer fee management Flexible loan calculators let you apply a wide range of financing options to your sales, and include dealer fees in your job costing.

  • + Smart product catalog Keep your product lines organized and up-to-date. Jigawatt uses your robust database to quickly price systems and calculate their performance.

  • + Soft costs: commission, overhead, and dealer fees Knowing your soft costs on a job before you even quote the customer allows you to price competitively while keeping your company healthy.

  • + Hard costs: itemized job quoting Easily and accurately dial in your job costing from the moment the system is quoted.

  • + Energy bill calculator Key in utility bills to get an accurate, effective rate, and understand solar generation opportunity in seconds.

  • + PV solar system design Intuitively design and quote systems in minutes, get amazingly accurate energy production data, and rapidly calculate costs and pricing.

Manage Fulfillment & Installation

  • + Project notes and activity Streamline your internal communication, and keep your conversations and activity organized by project.

  • + Job tracker Smart dashboard gives you a speedy, informative snapshot of your projects. Search, filter, report, and work jobs from one easy location.

  • + Project milestones and tasks A structured, customizable to-do list that lets you delegate and share responsibilities with your teammates.

  • + Task calendar Maximize your workforce and keep your projects moving forward by scheduling tasks into a shared calendar

  • + Business rules and checkpoints Keep the process moving and your team members on the same page by programming business rules.

  • + Document & Photo Manager with Dropbox Integration Upload files to projects, and access them through both Jigawatt and Dropbox.

Integrations & Add-ons

Jigawatt plays nicely with others.

Satellite Imagery

Look at rooftops in Google Earth satellite view from within the CRM. Measure usable roof planes by clicking off the corners. Intuitively count panels and and calculate azimuth.

When the free Google Earth option doesn’t suffice, use NearMaps to import clearer, enhanced rootfop imagery in just a couple of clicks.


PV Watts

Size arrays, specify panels, and get PV Watts production estimates in seconds, without leaving your quote. PV Watts data is automatically visualized in your sales proposal.



Jigawatt integrates with Zapier to automate lead entry from external sources. In real time, Jigawatt can receive submissions from your existing lead capture forms (from services like Typeform, Google Forms, Airtable, or pretty much anything like these). Skip that boring, unreliable data entry, and set up your Zapier to Jigawatt webhooks.

Dropbox Coming Soon

Within each Jigawatt project is a file manager, which allows you to upload and sort documents and photos according to milestone. Jigawatt stores these files in a connected Dropbox account, in a folder tree that reflects your milestones. Additionally, the Dropbox desktop app loads the same file structure on users' hard drives, so files edited or created by your team members automatically sync up with Jigawatt, improving accessibility while eliminating version control issues.

Quickbooks Coming Soon

Jigawatt assists you in keeping your billing and collections up to date by smoothly integrating with Quickbooks Online. From Jigawatt, send commands to Quickbooks to create new customers, draft and send invoices, and check for payment status on open accounts. The Quickbooks integration allows you to seamlessly manage your project pay cycle as easily as you do your sales, fulfillment, and installation processes.